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ATERMON was established in Athens in 1973 and its original scope of works pertained to the construction and maintenance of transmission and distribution lines of electricity.

These projects allowed ATERMON to acquire considerable technical know-how, but more importantly an efficient project management method and organization structure. Armored thus, ATERMON expanded its scope and its expertise in the highly demanding sectors of Industry, Energy and Infrastructure.

ATERMON was among the first companies in the region to adopt quality control and quality management strategies as well as environmental policies.

The recognition of ATERMON’s dedication to the satisfaction of the Customer’s requirements led to long time partnerships and collaborations, branding thus ATERMON as the reliable choice in demanding technical projects.

Always open to innovative developments ATERMON started constructing large scale wind parks upon the turn of the millennium. Ever since, it has acquired significant experience in the construction of renewable energy projects (wind parks, hydro power plants and photovoltaic stations).

ATERMON has adopted high end technologies and owns considerable mechanical equipment. However, ATERMON is much more than these. It is a company defined by its people. Our entire personnel consisting of engineers, managers, experts in various fields, support and administrative employees, as well as the labor force are dedicated, focused and trained in quality, safety and good performance.

ATERMON has carried out successfully, and within tight time limits, projects of complex technical nature and high quality standards, such as:

- The detailed engineering, procurement, prefabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of H.P and L.P. piping systems at power plants and process units.

- The complete electromechanical erection of HRSGs (Heat Recovery Steam Generators) at power plants.

- The complete electromechanical installation of Gas / Steam Turbines and Generators at power plants.

- The installation of overhead and underground transmission (150kV & 400kV) / distribution (6,3kV & 20kV) networks throughout the Greek mainland and islands.

- The procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of diesel power plants in many Greek islands.

- The installation of numerous kilometers of medium and low pressure gas networks.

- The installation of Signaling and Telecommanding systems for the National Railways Organization.

- The construction of complete electrification sectors for railways.

- The installation of renewable energy projects (wind parks, hydroplants and photovoltaic parks).